Banham Zoo: Opening time, Animals, Experiences, Tickets price & Discount Offers [2024]

Banham Zoo is a celebrated family attraction and one of the most captivating wildlife destinations in the nation, housing over 2,000 animals hailing from various corners of the world. Nestled within 50 acres of picturesque parkland and gardens, it stands as a testament to our commitment to both conservation and education. Many of the animals residing in the park play pivotal roles in significant conservation programs.


Banham Zoo – Overview

Banham Zoological Gardens, located in Banham, Norfolk, England, covers 50 acres of land and boasts a fascinating history. Originally opened to the public in 1968, it transitioned into a charitable organization in 2013. Over the years, it has consistently received accolades as Norfolk’s premier attraction from various organizations. With an annual visitor count exceeding 200,000 people, the zoo is a significant contributor to the region’s tourism. It operates under the umbrella of the Zoological Society of East Anglia, a registered charity that also oversees the Africa Alive Zoological Reserve near Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Name  Banham zoo
Banham Zoo Opening date  1968
Land area 50 area ( 20 ha)
Banham zoo Annual Visitors  200,000
Location  United Kingdom 
Current Year 2023
Banhan Zoo Address  Kenninghall Rd, Banham, Norwich NR16 2HE, Uited Kingdom 
Banham Zoo Ratting Reviews 4.6 Star
Contact Number  +44 1953887771
Official Website 

Banham Zoo about

Banham Zoo is a 50-acre zoo located in Banham, Norfolk, England. It is home to over 1,200 animals from around the world, including lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, and monkeys.

The zoo is divided into five themed areas: African Plains, Asian Jungle, Australian Outback, Tropical Rainforest, and European Farmyard. There is also a petting zoo where visitors can interact with animals such as goats, sheep, and pigs.

Banham Zoo is open all year round and offers a variety of events and activities, such as feeding talks, animal encounters, and behind-the-scenes tours.

Banham zoo opening times

Banham Zoo (Hours) Opening time: banham zoo Reserve is currently open every day , excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day . 

Date  Opning time Closing time 
1st November – 3rd March  9:30 AM  4:00 PM
1st September – 31 October  9:30 AM  5:30 PM
4th March -30 June  9:30 AM  5:00 PM 
1st July – 31 August  9:00 AM 5:30 PM 

Banham zoo tickets

banham zoo tickets price in 2024: The price of banham zoo ticket has been kept in a total of four parts, in which the price of ticket for those above 16 years of age is £25, Concession (Senior 65+/ Student) is £22, for children of 3 to 15 years £19, £2 for children under 2 Year.

banham zoo tickets price in 2024: The price of banham zoo ticket has been kept in a total of four parts, in which the price of ticket for those above 16 years of age is £25, Concession (Senior 65+/ Student) is £22, for children of 3 to 15 years £19, £2 for children under 2 Year.

Ticket Ticket price
Adult (16+) £23
Child (3-5) £17
Infant (2& Under) £2
Senior 65+/Student £20
Carer £0

Here are some valuable tips for your Banham Zoo visit

Here are some tips for visiting Banham Zoo:

  1. If possible, plan your visit on weekdays to avoid crowds.
  2. Save time by purchasing your tickets online before your arrival.
  3. Allocate sufficient time for your zoo exploration as it covers extensive grounds.
  4. Ensure comfort during your visit by wearing comfortable shoes, as there’s a fair amount of walking involved.
  5. Be prepared for sunny weather by wearing a hat and applying sunscreen, especially in the summer.
  6. Don’t forget your camera to capture and cherish the memorable moments from your zoo experience.”

Where is banham zoo

Ans. “Banham Zoo is situated in the picturesque village of Banham, within the county of Norfolk, England. It is conveniently located around a 35-minute drive to the south of Norwich and approximately 2 hours to the north of London.”

What animals are at banham zoo

Banham Zoo is home to over 1,200 animals from around the world, including:

  1. African Animals: Banham Zoo is home to a diverse array of African wildlife, including lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, elephants, meerkats, monkeys, and rhinos.
  2. Asian Animals: Within the zoo’s confines, you can encounter captivating Asian creatures such as snow leopards, red pandas, Amur tigers, siamangs, tapirs, and Komodo dragons.
  3. Australian Wildlife: Explore the wonders of Australian fauna, which includes kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, dingoes, and platypus.
  4. South American Treasures: At Banham Zoo, you’ll have the opportunity to observe intriguing South American animals like sloths, tamarins, capybaras, and giant anteaters.
  5. European Fauna: The zoo provides insight into the rich tapestry of European wildlife, featuring exhibits with wolves, lynxes, bears, and otters.
  6. North American Wonders: Discover the enchanting world of North American wildlife, including bison, elk, wolves, and coyotes.
  7. Reptiles and Amphibians: For enthusiasts of reptiles and amphibians, Banham Zoo showcases a captivating collection, encompassing snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodiles.
  8. Avian Splendor: Bird enthusiasts can delight in the vibrant avian residents of the zoo, which include macaws, parrots, owls, and flamingos.
  9. Petting Zoo Experience: Moreover, visitors can enjoy an interactive experience at the petting zoo, where they can get up close with friendly animals like goats, sheep, and pigs.

Where is Banham Zoo in Norfolk

“Banham Zoo is situated in the charming village of Banham, located in Norfolk, England. It is conveniently positioned approximately 35 minutes to the south of Norwich and around a 2-hour drive to the north of London.”

How to get to banham zoo by train

To reach Banham Zoo, you can utilize a combination of train and bus transportation. Follow this guide:

  1. Start your journey by taking a train to Norwich.
  2. The train ride from Norwich to Banham typically lasts around 25 minutes, with multiple departures available throughout the day to accommodate your schedule.
  3. Upon your arrival at Norwich train station, proceed to catch a bus heading to Banham. Conveniently, the bus stop is located right outside the train station, ensuring a seamless transfer. The bus trip itself typically takes approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Specifically, you’ll need to board the 37A bus, which is operated by Coach Services. Look for it at stand D within Norwich train station.
  5. The bus fare is £2.20 for adults and £1.10 for children. You can conveniently pay for your bus ticket when you board.

In total, the entire journey from Norwich train station to Banham Zoo typically takes around 35 minutes.

How to contact banham zoo?

To contact banham zoo, you can connect with banham zoological by following their social media accounts. To connect with banham zoo, follow the steps given below:

  1. To contact Banham Zoo, you can contact their Instagram account (@zseabanhamzoo).
  2. Apart from this, you can contact his X account (Twitter) @banhamzoo).
  3. Apart from this, if due to some reason you are not able to contact then you can contact through their Facebook account (banhamzoo).

Banham Zoo Reviews

Banham Zoo Review 2023 :

  1. Banham zoo Review  David Mower 

Got tickets before we went, they were on offer £10 per person on Monday and Tuesday’s which is a good saving with 4 adults. The zoo was tidy. The big problem with Banham is there is VERY limited wi-fi signal. We queued up for lunch near the train stop and it was cash only. There was only a small note when you got to the till,luckily I did have cash. But i bet some people got caught out. Food was nice . The train ride was good but there was a long queue for it. If you have small children it would pay to keep sting cream in your bag as there was a great many wasps ( granddaughter got stung) i know you can’t really stop them. We went to a show near to the giraffes which was very good. ( highly recommend). All i all it is a good day out , we saw most of the animals including the tiger cubs. The penguin enclosure which you can walk through is good for children as they can get close to them.

2. Christine Toomer

Loved this visit! So many beautiful animals to see and shows going on. If you don’t want to walk round you can take the land train. A lovely play park and activity pack that kept the youngest engaged. Such a great variation and the keepers have such a special bond with their animals. A wonderful day for us and the children. We will be going again!

3. LunmZy

We really enjoyed our day trip to Banham Zoological Gardens. The staff were all smiles & very friendly to us, even when it had been pouring heavily outside. Thankfully, as soon as we arrived, the sun started to shine again. The animals are well looked after, and the staff do a great job looking after them. Especially loved seeing the sea lions, sloths, penguins, a Tiger and her cubs plus the giraffes and cheetahs. There’s a cafe / pizza shop inside where you can eat, drink and have some ice cream. Also noticed a few seating areas around the park should you need to rest your legs from walking. Toilets with baby changing units were available in the foot paths too. Good sized parking spaces outside too.

Pros and Cons of Banham Zoo


  • The zoo is well-maintained and clean.
  • The animals are well-cared for and seem to be healthy.
  • The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.
  • There are a variety of animals to see, from lions and tigers to giraffes and monkeys.
  • There are a variety of themed areas to explore.
  • There is a petting zoo where visitors can interact with animals.
  • There are a variety of events and activities offered throughout the year.


  • The zoo can get crowded, especially during peak season.
  • Some of the animals are kept in small enclosures.
  • The zoo is a bit expensive.


  1. Address- Kenninghall Rd Banham Norfolk , NR16 2HE
  2. PH. 01953887771, 01953887445
  3. E-mail-
  4. Social Media:

Banham zoo – FAQ


Where is banham zoo ?

Ans. Kenninghall Rd, Banham, Norwich NR16 2HE, UK

What animals are at banham zoo?

Ans. Other mammals at the Banham zoo include red kangaroos, giraffes, Bactrian camels, Sri Lankan leopards, black-tailed prairie dogs, red pandas, Asian small-clawed otters, meerkats,  sitatunga, Grévy’s zebras, maned wolves, cheetahs, snow leopards, Amur tigers, California sea lions, southern pudus, Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths, kunekune pigs, Cameroon sheep, alpacas and llamas.

how to find banham zoo by bus?

Ans. Ans. The only bus route to Banham Zoo in 2024 is the 37A service operated by Coach Services. It is a 5 minute walk from the bus station to the zoo entrance.

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